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  • A colorful statement for your home that makes good dreams? In the native Indian history people were afraid of nightmares. Therefore they hung up dream catchers above the sleeping area where the morning light could hit it. The legend says that web in the middle of the hoop would catch the bad dreams while letting good dreams passing through that could slide down the feathers.
  • Total size from hanger to last feather around 12 inches (Peace Ring 3.5 inches)
  • Assorted beads
  • Dream Catcher Lore:
  • Native Americans believe that the night air is filled with dreams both good and bad. The dream catcher when hung over or near your bed swinging freely in the air, catches the dreams as they flow by. The good dreams know how to pass through the dream catcher, slipping through the outer holes and slide down the soft feathers so gently that many times the sleeper does not know that he/she is dreaming. The bad dreams not knowing the way get tangled in the dream catcher and perish with the first light of the new day.


3.5" Peace Sign Multi-Colored Dream catcher With Feathers & Beads

SKU: U-103-DC05
$3.50 Regular Price
$2.98Sale Price

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