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Polished Selenite Wand w/Point. Approximately 5" to 6".


Selenite is a gemstone that has a properties of enhancing mental power. Its cyrstal help to remove all energy blockage in the body. Use as a massage tool as its absorbent nature assists in removing energy blocks that keep muscles tight. Selenite has the power to cleanse & charge other crystals. Simply lay your crystals on or near your selenite for a few hours at a time. Each tower is individually wrapped in cellophane. Minor imperfection is very normal as these are hand made and natural stone.They illuminate light through the stone. 


Selenite is a very soft material. Because of this, natural imperfections remain beneath the polished surface. Please anticipate some visible veining, crystallization, cracks, and other formations within your selenite product. **Please note: Selenite is a brittle mineral. Selenite can also naturally contain inclusions of other minerals which can lead to red, brown, or even blue coloring in places, as well as natural internal cleaving. These inclusions and cleaving do not affect selenite structurally in any way and are purely cosmetic.

Please note: Selenite is a brittle mineral.

Polished Selenite Twisted-Spiral Wand ( 5-6 Inches )

$7.95 Regular Price
$5.96Sale Price

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