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  • Known for its cleansing abilities, Selenite is a great crystal to work with when you seek clarity, alignment, and peace. Selenite is exceptional for meditation and spiritual work as it helps expand awareness, removing confusion and indecisiveness by putting one in touch with their angel protectors. Selenite is beneficial to empaths as it rids negative energy while also guarding your own, assisting one’s judgment and integrity. Selenite is also known to open the crown chakra because of its high frequency properties.
  • Your body encompasses 7 major energy vortexes known as chakras, beginning at the base of the spine and extending to the top of the head. For the body to maintain good physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health, it’s important that the chakras remain balanced. Crystals vibrate at a high frequency that promotes cleansing and healing of the physical and subtle bodies.
  • Note: Chakra symbol print may be slightly off center as shown in photos.
  • Polished Selenite Palm Stone is design to fit perfectly in the Palm can be used in many ways, carry them with you of just feel the energy, Selenite can be cleansed and recharged by leaving them under the moonlight, Selenite is a protective stone that will help keep negative energies away Made in Morocco. Oval Shaped. Each piece is individually wrapped in cellophane . Minor imperfection is normal as it is natural stone. made in Morocco.

Selenite Palm Stone Seven Chakra


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